Indeed true that its quite hectic and difficult to deal with B2B prospects since you need to maintain a sort of professionalism with your way of writing email messages.

Genuinely if I state then it requires a little effort and modest wisdom to perform such activities like our message should be attractive and eye catching , all in short email should be presented like a beautiful receptionist by which you allow free access to your deputations. Messages should be engaging and ease of comfort must be maintained and never involve use of any complex words since in B2B marketing mostly when an email is incomprehensible then it is considered as spam or any other fake source . May be these marketers don’t have the vast time to comprehend your email messages so when they find your message a complex one then they immediately leave and abandoned or proscribe it.

Problem 1
Involving live chat bots to get prospect’s information but they don’t repond frequently –  when you involve such activity then it become difficult for them to give their number during conversation , it may sound friendly but prospects tends to avoid such things.

Solution for this :So its better to look for any other options like LinkedIn profiles or somewhere else.

Problem 2
When prospects provide fake information about itself- there could be a possibility that they give you wrong phone numbers or wrong mail ids.

Solution for this :you can do the research thing about the prospects , like allow prospects to signup using facebook or any other social media platforms , so that you can reach easily and conveniently.