Here we are sharing some simple steps by which you can easily start to extend your leads. So, Following are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Set up a valuable database
    Here, in your database, add all those people who you think interested in your services. Those people might be the persons that met you at any trade shows or business fair. These are the people, who have talked to your sales team. Beside this, the people who responded to your website or follow you on social network.
  2. Recheck your database
    In this second step, you need to analyze your data more deeply. It contains many tasks like how much you know about the persons that you have added in the database. Moreover you also need to know from which industry they are. These kind of rectifications could nurture your database.
  3. Make sections for your database
    As everyone is unique in this world, so you cannot adopt one strategy over all people. That’s why you need to make section for all persons according to their needs and goals. Many things depend on when you make sections like what kind of information they required and from which sources etc
  4. Always Try to give relevant information to your client
    For this, you need to talk to your sales team, because they better know about what customer needs actually, what problems he is facing and what questions he put on every meeting.

    After knowing about this information, try to make content that could solve out your client queries. Do it on white paper, in shape of articles or blogs. Whatever you need to do this, just do. Then pass out this information by your sales team. Then again get reviews from your team if the client is satisfied with this or not. If not, then make amendments in the content again. This will really help you.

  5. Make email prospects for this relevant content
    Now the next step is to create email templates with this content, But be sure that this should be genuine and simple. It should look like you are directly communicating with the client. Also provide this email templates to your sales team, so that they can add it in their daily conversation with the client.
  6. Always make a human connection with client
    Even if you are sending mails, that’s not enough just to follow over mail. You must need to make a call and ask personally about the things or issues. It will genuinely help you to make a strong connection with the client that automatically create more leads In future.

So , we can say that there are several simple steps that could be taken to make a strong bond with the clients and to generate more leads in addition to execute expensive marketing tools.

By following these simple steps, you will definitely get more qualified leads.